All of my wines celebrate and honor my heritage, and this wine is named after the first home I ever knew on Revere Avenue in the Bayview neighborhood of San Francisco, purchased shortly before I was born. It was a duplex, and the other unit was home to my maternal grandmother, great grandmother, and my aunt and uncle who all came to S.F. from Panama. Even after my parents, siblings, and I moved to the home celebrated by my Zinfandel (THREE FIFTEEN), Revere (as we all called it) was still a hub for family and friends – Panamanian Sunday dinners, impromptu get-togethers and home to others that needed a place to stay. For me, Revere is a symbol of our history, culture, connection, love, and support.

This varietal of French origin has become a welcome addition to the wine cellar. It has deep rich flavors and aromas of blueberries, blackberries , casis and a touch of vanilla. Those characteristics follow through to the palate, with hints of chocolate, pepper and spice. Strong soft tannins give this wine structure with nice acidity to bring balance.. This masculine wine is definitely one to be “Revered”!


Named in honor of my first elementary school, Convent of the Sacred Heart (located on Broadway Street in San Francisco). So much of who I am today is a reflection of my experiences at Convent. My second elementary school, St. Emydius, is where I transferred (along with who is still my best friend, from Convent) and made many friendships that have lasted a lifetime. I guess you could say Convent gave me my “sparkle” and St. Emydius turned that sparkle into the blaze that illuminated the path of my life.

This sparkling wine is brioche and a hint of berry, with bright citrus in the aromas. The fine mousse brings along these notes in the mouth. And with the lingering finish of citrus, it begs for another taste. 100% Pinot Noir.