2013 Zinfandel  | Three Fifteen
Dry Creek Valley

This wine is named after my childhood home, THREE FIFTEEN Santa Ana Avenue in San Francisco, California; a magical melting pot of family, friends, laughter and mutual support. While enjoying many visitors in my family home, I formed exceptional friendships & strengthened family bonds that continue to nourish me and fuel the pursuit of my passion, crafting beautiful wines.

This Zinfandel is a full bodied & fruit driven wine, supported by layers of vanilla, cinnamon, clove and a hint of white pepper. Indeed this is a classic Dry Creek Zinfandel, but in its abundance of diverse flavors reminds me of the creative and fulfilling experiences found at 315 Santa Ana Avenue.




We are awaiting the release of our new vintage and will be able to complete orders when our Riesling is back in stock. You may also email info@pharrellwines.com with your desired order and we will contact you when it’s once again available for purchase. Thank you so much for your patience and your support!

2013 Riesling | Haight Street
Cole Valley, Mendocino County

My wines are an overall tribute to my family’s legacy, its dedication to community, friendship, cultural heritage & one another. I was born and raised in San Francisco where our family owned residential care home facilities for the elderly, several of which provided employment for some of my mother’s family who had emigrated from their home country of Panama. In paying homage I have named my first wines after locations that hold special meaning to our family’s life and business.

“Haight Street” refers to our property located at 940 Haight Street, San Francisco. My father and grandmother built this property from the ground up in 1969 and it was the cornerstone of their business. I named this dry Riesling in their honor, as it is as bold and driven in its complexity and flavor as they were in their business. Opening with a bouquet of peach blossom and passion fruit on the nose, the wine has a palate full of citrus fruit, minerality, lemon grass and honeydew. In my mind, a worthy tribute to their legacy. Enjoy



2017 Rosé | P. Harrell Wines Rosé
Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County

This lovely new Rosé is a blend of Zinfandel, Petite Sirah and Grenache, displaying ripe strawberry and raspberry, with a hint of earthiness and quite a bit of body and color. It has a delightful, smooth mouth feel. Enjoy on a summer’s eve with with something flavorful and spice-filled like BBQ, Thai, or Vietnamese!